Wednesday, September 15, 2010

August and September Picture Catch-up!

Love this outfit! It's so pretty and preppy! It looks like Caroline is going out to play a round of golf! Too funny!

We've been watching the Mommy Kangaroo ever since she was a few days pregnant for the joey. Caroline and I went to the zoo on Monday and viola! The joey had its legs sticking out of the mommy's pouch! Pretty cool!

She loves looking at the flamingos and telling me how stinky they are!

First day of soccer! It was quite the disaster and I'm hoping that next week proves to be MUCH better! But, we did go out and buy a shiny purple ball, pink shin guards, and pink/black soccer shoes!

Caroline LOVES the petting zoo now!

We met up with some other Guatemalan American families to spend the day at the zoo. Here Caroline is telling Katherine all about the petting zoo, or at least I hope that's what she was saying, lol!

Caroline, Luke, and Sydney riding the Komodo Dragon outside of the reptile house! Aren't they adorable!!!

Caroline and Sydney checking out the meerkats. Love this pic!

Look at how Sydney is checking Caroline out! Too funny!

Sporting our ever so preppy pink/green/white argyle and plaid shorts! Gotta love pink and preppy! ;) Caroline was trying to show off her fancy tennis hairbow, but she kept turning her head, lol!

As usual, we have been very busy around Casa de Rose! I have returned back to teaching full time and Tim has changed careers! Yes, we have our hands full! I knew I wanted to go back to teaching, but hadn't planned on returning this soon. But, a great opportunity knocked and I am back in the kindergarten classroom (my favorite age!). Tim just finished up broadcasting school and was offered a new job with his own sports talk radio show! Caroline is still in school but now goes until I get off work. It's a long day, but she seems to love it.
I'm sure I have lots to share, but for now, all I can do is post pics and give a brief explanation of where we've been! Talk to you soon!