Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And Now for an Uplifting Moment...

Caroline in her "little clippies" hairbow!!!

What'cha doing Mr. Cow???

I'm praying for PA!

Caroline's favorite hobby...sticking her tongue out!

Excuse me Senora...can I have a caramel latte in my bottle?

Going CRAZY!!!!!

Yep...I think I've officially hit "CRAZY"!!!! I never realized how much my life revolved around looking at the calendar. I always thought to myself...I'll never be one of those moms that is constantly counting the days until we get PA. NEVER SAY NEVER!!!! I've officially become one of those moms! I didn't realize how much of a slave I have become to my computer! I'm constantly checking and refreshing my email in hopes of our out. Come on! Enough already!

Okay, on the serious side. Is this horrible of me to desire something so much? I am a Christian with a strong faith in God and His promises. Am I doubting His timing? I KNOW that His timing is not just good, it's perfect...but why am I constantly checking my email? I need some advice, some encouraging words, some uplifting news... In my head, I was just sure that we would receive PA approval and we would be entering PGN in August. I shouldn't be surprised that my faith is being tested. Isn't that what adopting is all about??? Faith??? Faith in your agency, faith in our country, faith in our foster moms, faith in the Guatemala government, and most importantly faith in God. Enough of the rambling...just had to vent a bit.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Feeling the Need to See Caroline????

Are you feeling the need to see Caroline??? I know that I am! After look at her picture today, I decided to post some more pictures of her. I can't get enough of her!!! Can you?

I think I like this bathing suit..I'm not really sure, yet!

Look at how bigger I am than last month!!!

I love Daddy? Enough said!

My mommy made me wear this silly hat!

Nana, I'm trying to either walk to the pool or eat your arm! Oh, well...

God Chose Us! Wow!!!

First of all, just let me say that school is back in session! What a whirlwind I've been experiencing this last week! I've truly enjoyed every bit of it! God has blessed me with another amazing class this year. I love waking up in the morning to see what new adventures I will have in store for me.
After school, I finally sat down to catch my breath and I glanced up...what did I see??? It was my little miracle child! I have Caroline's picture sitting on my desk, but I rarely get a chance to just "look" at it. Today, as I sat staring in her eyes, my heart filled up with emotion. Tears came to my eyes as I just stared into her big eyes. I am still amazed at how God chose her to be ours! Before all of our fertility issues, she was already chosen! I was talking with a parent today about Caroline and I said that "she was my story...she was my chosen one." I still can't get over the fact that God chose US to be HER parents! Wow! What an incredible thought!