Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

70 Days...but who was really counting????

What an amazing day!!!! This morning, I sent the US Embassy another email and lo and behold, we got our PA!!! I have a sneaky feeling that it wasn't my email, but someone higher-up's phone call that helped....but oh, well! We got it!!! I started screaming and telling my children that I needed a chair and quick! They thought that I was either one, having a heart attack or two, about to fall (I'm on crutches). I started crying and could barely get the words out of my mouth! We were definitely partying and praising God here in the South today! We are just one more step away from bringing our little Caroline home for good!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Not Good-Bye, but See You Soon

Well, as I sit here and type, I am getting ready to head back home tomorrow morning. I've packed all of Caroline's clothes, toys, and activity centers. As I look at all her stuff, tears are flowing down my face. It's just not fair that a mom must leave her daughter in a foreign country to be "raised" by a stranger. Something is just not right about this situation. I even have to think that God is sad tonight as well. It's pouring rain! God is sending down his tears for us in Guatemala. I sadly leave here without having Caroline's PA and without any knowledge of why we don't have it. I'll send them another email on Monday morning and if no reply, then I'll call our senator's office. I'm hoping that since we have stayed so long in this step, then the last step will fly by! In order to make myself feel better, I always make our next set of reservations before I leave. Of course, I don't know when we are coming back to pick her up, but I wanted something to hold onto. I reserved the week before Thanksgiving and the week of Thanksgiving. However, I pray that it will be sooner and not later.

I often wonder if Caroline understands why her mommy is leaving her or if she is too young to "get it". My mom says that she is too young and her happy disposition eases the transition. What do you think? Someone once told me that leaving each time gets a little easier, but I think it just gets harder. Leaving seems to represent one more thing/step that we are missing.

As Caroline's shirt says...SMILE!!! I'll see you soon my little girl!

Smile Mommy! I'll see you soon!

YUMMY! My burp cloth tastes great!

She is her Daddy's girl!

Mommy's little angel!

Another picture????

Nana and Pepaw Pictures

Caroline and I are very fortunate that my mother and step-dad were able to join us in Guatemala for a visit. My mother came with me in July for two weeks and just couldn't stand the fact that I was coming back without her. She asked if she could come and lo and behold, we are here! Caroline is loving having her Nana and Pepaw with her. Every time Pepaw enters the room, her eyes immediately go to his voice. It's amazing how much she already loves them! Thanks Nana and Pepaw for coming with me to see our bonita Carolina!!

My new favorite activity!

Caroline has discovered a new favorite activity...a rainforest jumparoo! One of our friend's (who is living down here in Guatemala) daughter outgrew her jumparoo and was going to sell it. Sell it???? We instantly became all ears! Caroline now has a favorite pastime...jumping! Her legs are already so strong, but can you imagine in two months? Each time we put her in it, she breaks out in huge smile and starts to laugh! I love it!! Her fostermom is going to adore us for that! I can't wait to see Ulyssa's face when I bring that down to her. She's either going to croak or love it! Oh, well...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waiting on PA is driving me Nutty!!!

Alright, enough already!!! I just need to vent a bit...why in the world have we not been released and issued our Pre-Approval? Today officially marks Day 63 and I am truly going batty, nutty, and crazy! The thing is...the Guatemalan government is not holding us up, it's our own government...the US Embassy! I emailed them (again) today and I received a reply stating that they are still "reviewing our case". They then attached a formal letter stating that it takes between 30-60 days for an issue. WELL...IT'S BEEN 63 DAYS!!! Do I need to help them count the days????
I am honestly thinking that I may need to stay here until our PA is issued. At least I could be here to "oversee" our case for a little while. It makes no sense, but in my head, it makes perfect sense! After it's issued, I would be able to get on the plane without being hysterical. I'm just so frustrated!!! I don't think pregnancy is this bad!
Okay...enough of my rambling. Caroline is doing great! She loves to be with us and is constantly smiling! She's even beginning to laugh out loud! It's the sweetest sound!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Caroline's Favorite Toy

In July when we were here, Caroline somewhat enjoyed her pink penguin. However, now it is her FAVORITE toy! She loves it! She holds on to it when she naps and when she is strolling around in her stroller. Check out the pics! OH YEAH, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY MY TEXT IS UNDERLINED!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Day at the Spa in Guatemala

On Monday, I got to go get a pedicure with Mommy and Nana. I loved watching the ladies make Mommy laugh as they tickled her feet! Mommy...when can I get one?

Hello again from Guatemala

We made it down here on Saturday and we are just soaking Caroline up! At 3:00, we headed down to the lobby to wait "patiently" for Ulyssa and Caroline. As soon as we saw her, I made a squeal and bee-lined to my baby. She immediately recognized me and my voice! It totally made my day! I grabbed her up and began kissing her little face. She has gotten so big! She weighs in at 17 pounds and 26.38 inches long. She barely fits in her new clothes we brought. I'm so glad that we brought down two sizes (3 suitcases) for her. I'll be bringing an entire suitcase full of clothes back home.
She still doesn't like to nap for a long time, but does take little power naps. She's a great sleeper at night, only waking up one time around 3AM for a bottle. She is then ready to get up around 6 or 7. She's still so HAPPY! Caroline is so easy going and rarely cries! She loves to smile and has started laughing a little bit. Yesterday, she was laughing and then started mimicking my laugh. It was ADORABLE!!!
Okay...enough typing, I know what you really want...PICTURES!!!

Arrival day! I'm so glad to be back with my mommy!

Hey Daddy! I miss you!

Thanks Mommy and Daddy for my new bumbo seat! I love it!

Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

Mr. Rabbit...where have you been?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

One more day!!!!

My head is spinning...I can cry on a dime!...I can't sleep...I can't concentrate...What does this mean? I'm leaving on Saturday to spend a week with Caroline!!!!! YEA!! On Saturday morning, my mom, stepdad and I fly out to Guatemala! I am so excited! I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the last several days. I am still in the process of packing, but so far...2 suitcases full of stuff for our little angel! I believe that Caroline is between sizes, so I've packed a smaller and a larger size for her. I've included toys, diapers, a baby carrier, you name it and I've probably packed it! I also decided that I didn't want her to eat the Guatemalan baby cereal, so I've packed TONS of the rice cereal for her. My friend, Caroline's wonderful soon-to-be pediatrician, asked me if I was planning on feeding all of Guatemala! I guess that means that I've packed too much cereal???? :)

Tomorrow at school, my class is throwing me a "surprise" baby shower. Yes, I know "surprise", but I already know about it! My fellow teachers spilled the beans, but I didn't let on to my kids that I knew about it. You can just sense the excitement in the air! I'm not sure who's more or the students! Stay tuned for pictures!
I'm bringing my new laptop to Guatemala with me so that I'll be able to post pics and keep in touch with Tim. By bringing my laptop, I won't have to use the one in the baby room, since that room is a total petrie dish for germs! I also won't have to pay out the wazoo to use the business center. However, a little glitch is that I don't know how to use it! I consider myself somewhat intelligent, but this laptop has thrown me for a loop! Who knew that Windows Vista would be so difficult???!!!

Anyway, I have to go pack and iron :(. My mom should be arriving soon to help motivate me! I hate ironing!!! Stay tuned for the next chapter of Caroline's life!