Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caroline is YUCKY!

We had our first "sick" doctor's appointment this morning. I've been struggling with "is she sick or is she teething". Where is the answer book??? Oh, it doesn't come with a manual??? WHAT??? Caroline has been VERY irritable, screams at the drop of a hat, pulls on her teeth, has some fever, loss of appetite, and now has yucky diapers. Teething or Sick?? I called the nurse on call to see what she thought and she said that I needed to bring her in since it has been going on since Tuesday. The great thing is, we got to see her regular doctor who happened to be on call today. It turns out that she did have a virus mixed with teething. Since it's a virus, there's nothing she can do for her. I did learn that she shouldn't have ANY milk while her stomach is hurting. Why didn't it occur to me? I have no idea! So, now we have moved onto watered down gatorade and plain water. The doctor said that she's not contagious anymore, but the milk hasn't allowed her stomach to get better. Now that I am thinking back, I was sick last week and so was my sister and niece. $40 to learn not to give milk to babies with upset stomachs! I also got scolded since the doctor is a good friend of mine and I didn't call her first before I went in. I always feel like I am bothering her when I call her for doctor advice. She assured me that she's not being bothered and that's a perk for being friends. Oh well, $40 down the drain! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fish, Fish, and More Fish

This week was fall break for the local schools. I took my niece, Savannah and Caroline to the Georgia Aquarium for the day. We had a great time! Caroline loved staring at the millions of fish and loved watching the beluga whales. I think her favorite exhibit was the sea otters. She liked how they were swimming and climbing on the rocks. But, I think what sold her on them was the fact that they LOVED playing with balls! She didn't want to touch the rays, sharks, or crabs. I tried to put her hand in the water with the sea anemones, but we barely got in the water before she started shaking her head no. The water was really cold, so maybe that freaked her out?? Savannah was such a great helper and was a true joy to have with us. I can see now why my mother waited 10 1/2 years to have another child! They make great babysitters!!! hahaha Some of the pictures we took came out dark because of the "no flash signs", but you can still get the point.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What Has All of Caroline's Attention?'s Jacks Big Music Show!!! Caroline doesn't really like television, so she has never really had a favorite show. In the last few days, I have turned the television onto Noggin. It's the funniest little puppet show with the silliest music, but she LOVES it! As soon as we turn it on, she stops and immediately starts dancing! Too Funny!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Playground Pictures

Tim's tennis practice is every Friday, so Caroline and I have a "date night" with the playground that overlooks daddy's tennis courts. She LOVES going to the playground and sliding down the slides! She really loves picking up pinecones! I'm wondering why we even buy toys when her favorite things are rocks, mulch, and pinecones!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

We've been super busy!

WOW! Where does the time go? Tim, Caroline and I have been very busy this summer and now it is September!! We traveled to Kentucky to see Tim's parents and friends to celebrate his brother's birthday, Caroline started "school", my aunt, uncle, cousin and mom came into town for two short visits, we went to our neighbor's annual crab bake, and our singles tennis season is coming to a close.

School is going great for Caroline. She attends every Tuesday and for the month of September, she will be attending on Wednesdays as well. We love to get her artwork and LOVE hanging it on the fridge! She is cutting her molars and oh my goodness are they a PAIN! She is running the low grade fevers and has been pretty clingy/irritable. One day, I am the only one that can hold her and the next day, it is only Tim. We will be glad when they finally come all the way in! So far, we have been lucky and haven't gone to the doctor for a sick appointment, only wellness checks.

Our neighbors had their annual crab bake and our friend from D.C. flew in for it. We had a good time and Caroline was of course the hit of the party! We stayed away from the crab this year, as a couple of years ago, Tim ate ALL the crab and became EXTREMELY sick! We now just go for the sides and the fellowship. :)

Tennis has been going well for us. Tim is finishing up his singles leagues and we are both starting our doubles leagues. I made it to the elite eight in one league out of 355 people and tomorrow night, I play in the championship game of another league. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I have several "fans" coming to support me, so perhaps I am more nervous than normal. The good thing is that the championships get to be played at my home court, so I'm not at a "center court" being watched by a bunch of strangers. Last Monday, I played in the Labor of Love Breast Cancer Tournament and my partner and I came in second in the silver flight. That was exciting since last year, we didn't even come close!

Stay tuned for some great pictures of Caroline in her UK cheerleader outfit! GO CATS!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Pics...

Who made this mess???????

Who me??? I didn't make this mess!!!!