Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Day at a New School

On Thursday, Caroline started a new school. We enrolled her in a local private school for various reasons. She seems to be enjoying it and I can't wait to see her academic progress as the year goes on. The new school has a uniform policy and on Wednesdays, she must wear a 'real' uniform, complete with the khaki skirt and crested polo shirt. I can't wait to post pics of her wearing her adorable knee socks! Even though she doesn't have to wear the 'uniform' every day, they have certain rules pertaining to the dress code (as in no graphics, longer shorts, etc...). Graphics you say? I rarely put Caroline in graphic shirts, but apparently, anything 'sewn' a.k.a. appliques are considered graphics. WHAT??? Okay, so now we're in trouble! Even Tim told me I might need to go shopping! ;)

For the first day, I was very unsure of what to put her in, so I put her in a very 'calm' outfit. The second day, not so calm! Caroline wasn't too thrilled with some of the pictures, but I thought I would post them anyway so you can see her outfits!

We also signed Caroline up for gymnastics class. They come to the school one day a week and do a pull out session for an hour. Her teacher and principal said she loved it! The principal even said she was quite talented at it! But, on Fridays...don't dress her in jumpers/skirts/dresses! LOL!

The night before school started, Caroline boycotted going to sleep. She destroyed her room and decided to sleep 'backwards'!

Happy to go to school and happily eating her yogurt
She wanted to take a picture with her blanket...I said no!
I gave in to the blanket and we got a smile!
I love this picture!
In the car on the way to school (don't worry, I was at a stoplight)
Day 2's outfit. Yep, a bit more wild and looking more like Caroline's 'taste'! Caroline wasn't too thrilled with taking pictures since we were taking her friend D.M. to school.
I wish that I would have taken a picture of the back of her. The dress is supercute in the back and of course, I made her a matching zebra/pink/green hairbow to match! It was quite adorable!


LB said...

Bethany, she is precious. I can't believe her long hair!!

What size is she in now? If you have anything, I would love to buy some of her fall stuff from last year--Ada is in 2T still, is that what Caroline was last year? Let me know if you have anything you're interested in selling. And I need bows!!! Let's get together soon.

Leah and Maya said...

she is so cute and growing up! how do they do that. Maya will be 4 in the fall, how did THAT happen?