Monday, May 19, 2008

Time is Flying By!

I can't believe that we have been home now for a little over a month! WOW, how time flies! We have been busy getting adjusted to having our little angel home and going from a no child family to a one child/princess family! We were taking Caroline into our class at church, but finally realized that she needed to go the nursery. She is doing good and seems to enjoy it! We also have already had a babysitter (my sister) while we are finishing up our tennis league this season. My mom bought Caroline the cutest little Adidas tennis outfit to wear to our summer matches! I can't wait to put her in it!! :) I am still getting used to staying at home with her. I have always been a worker bee, and now I am figuring out how to cook, clean and do laundry! It's weird, but GREAT! I know that Tim is loving it! He finally has a domesticated wife (or one that is trying very hard)!

My favorite part of the day is when Caroline wakes up and says "Momma, momma" from her crib! I instantly smile when I hear her calling for me! However, her attention soons turn to the number one priority in the house to her...the dogs! She LOVES the dogs! She gives me a smile, but then the dogs get her full love! They rush in to greet her and give her kisses in the morning. They LOVE her just as much she loves them!

She is almost walking! I am guessing it will be any day, so stay tuned!


M & J said...

Yep Time does fly by!!! I know you are loving every second of it!!!!

Congrats on 1 month home!!! It just keeps getting better!!!!

Maggie said...

Hi Bethany!
Things sound wonderful! We're soooo happy for you guys! Can't believe it's been one month - all that terrible waiting is just a mere memory...Hope all your days ahead are WONDERFUL! ENJOY!

Maggie, Tom, Brendan & Brianna

debbie said...

Hey girl! Where are the pictures? :) Glad to hear you are becoming DOMESTICATED! You will get used to it FAST. Trust me! Glad to hear the good news about the DOGS! I always tell people that we've never had SO MUCH laughter in our house because of all our animals. They truly help make a house a home and people family! Keep the posts and pictures coming....

Ruthanne said...

Isn't it fun???? I never thought I would want to be a SAHM and now I wish so much that I could be. :)
Enjoy every minute of that little girl!!

Mami Sue said...

Bethany, i found your blog through
Lou's. I swear I know you and ma
wondering where we could have met?
can you e-mail me at so we can chat?
thanks and God bless!