Friday, September 19, 2008

Fish, Fish, and More Fish

This week was fall break for the local schools. I took my niece, Savannah and Caroline to the Georgia Aquarium for the day. We had a great time! Caroline loved staring at the millions of fish and loved watching the beluga whales. I think her favorite exhibit was the sea otters. She liked how they were swimming and climbing on the rocks. But, I think what sold her on them was the fact that they LOVED playing with balls! She didn't want to touch the rays, sharks, or crabs. I tried to put her hand in the water with the sea anemones, but we barely got in the water before she started shaking her head no. The water was really cold, so maybe that freaked her out?? Savannah was such a great helper and was a true joy to have with us. I can see now why my mother waited 10 1/2 years to have another child! They make great babysitters!!! hahaha Some of the pictures we took came out dark because of the "no flash signs", but you can still get the point.


Chelsea said...

Cute! I imagine Savannah is a big help. Looks like they both had fun.

Ruthanne said...

FUN!! I LOVE the aquarium!! Caroline is such a little cutie-pie.