Sunday, May 30, 2010

Caroline Turns 3!

On April 21, Caroline turned three years old!!! It's still so hard to believe that my baby girl is getting so big! Her actual birthday fell on a school day, so we baked cupcakes and took them to school to celebrate with her friends. Back in December, Caroline picked out a flower cupcake pan from Williams-Sonoma for her birthday, so we bought it and stored it in the pantry.
These cupcakes were VERY difficult to make! It took me about 4 hours to make 10 of them! CRAZY!! They were the heaviest and the largest cupcakes these kids had ever seen. :) The most difficult thing was trying to get them to school without them falling over! It would have been a perfect opportunity for a Mission Impossible team. We had a few wounded flowers, but all in all, they survived.
For security reasons, I won't post pictures of her friends at school, but let's just say...they were excited! They loved the flower cupcakes and all the icing!
As we are going down memory lane....Caroline just told me, "Mommy! My cupcakes from my birthday! Papa played with me while you made them!!" I think it's so neat to know that she remembered them. All the complaining and hardwork was a small price to pay for my daughter fondly remembering her birthday cupcakes at school. :)

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Leah and Maya said...

those are GIANT cupcakes! no wonder the kids were so excited!