Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caroline's Third Birthday!!

We celebrated Caroline's birthday on Saturday, April 24th at our house. I decided to have a 'fiesta theme' and serve Guatemalan and Mexican food dishes. For her cake, I had a local bakery make a pink Sombrero cake! It wasn't quite my vision, but it was pretty cool and Caroline loved it! My family came into town and we had two of our neighbors and a tennis friend come to the party. Since she's so little, I wanted to keep it small. I had planned on having Caroline's fiesta outside but the weather did NOT cooperate and it poured ALL DAY! I totally underestimated the time it took to make this 'simple meal'! My mom and I cooked: chunky guacamole dip, cheese rotel dip, creamy bean dip, pineapple tequila salsa, homemade salsa, hardshell tacos, softshell tacos, Mexican pizzas, and Jalapeno Poppers. But, Caroline enjoyed the dips and tacos, so it was worth it!

Caroline had a great time with her friends Darren Mitchell and Caroline Camden! She loved all her presents and loved eating tacos and Mexican pizza! I'm so sorry that the pictures are out of order, but I'm too tired to fix them right now. :)

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Leah and Maya said...

That is Quite a cake! we had the same party hats. Looked like fun, even if the weather didn't work out.