Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Level 2 Swim Lessons....it's hard!

I love this picture and how it shows Caroline swimming on her back. She is continuing to do great with her swimming. We started Level 2 and it is HARD! The first day was quite painful for me to watch as she wass in the deeper end of the pool and couldn't touch. As a matter of fact, she's so little that she can't hold onto the side of the pool as long as the bigger kids. She had to be put up on the side of the pool to sit and wait for her turn. The older kids were very sweet to her and never took advantage of the fact that she was so little and young. I loved her being with the older kids for that reason (more to come on this subject later this week). Caroline is swimming the length of the pool on her back by herself and can swim the length on her belly with some assistance. They also taught her to roll over onto her back when she needs to take a 'break and rest' and then flip back over and swim. I am so proud of her!
I love how fearless Caroline is with jumping off the diving board. There was another child around 9 years old that refused to jump off. He could jump off the side of the pool but the extra height just freaked him out. Not Caroline! She loves jumping off and can swim independently to the wall.
Caroline is waiting on her turn to jump and listening to her instructors for the directions on how she is going to swim across the pool...belly or back.
Thumbs up for a great job!

I also love this picture of how the older kids took an interest in her and thought of her as an 'equal' in the class.

Caroline is very into posing for her pictures right now (as you can see!). Here she is standing in line to swim the width of the pool and practice her arm strokes. This is a really hard skill for her. She has trouble getting her arms to come up out of the water in the right direction. We practice it every night but it's still hard. She'll get it eventually! :)
We are in Level 2 this week, which will be our last week of lessons for the summer. It's a new instructor and an assistant with a new set of students. I'm not really liking this week as much but it has taught me several things, which I'll post more on later this week.

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Leah and Maya said...

so cool! love the posing. She's a better swimmer then me, if I could breathe and not feel like my ribs were being pushed in I might be fine, again must get maya in swim lessons, but i tell you summer is coming again this week, but then who knows, spring weather again?