Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving On Up....

Apparently, we really have a little fish for a daughter. This week, it was made official...Caroline is moving up to Level 2. I was hesitant to make this decision since in the next level she will not even be able to stand due to the deeper level of water and the fact that she will be swimming the length of the big pool. But, several things happened to make me very sure of my decision.
One, she is in Level 1, but the kids are not up to her level. I'm not being snotty about this but the majority of the other kids are SCREAMING, getting out of the pool to have snack which the parent is allowing, not even attempting to swim....must I go on? I called Tim on Tuesday to let him hear the chorus of crying and screaming coming from the pool. It was quite ridiculous!!
Two, Caroline is now 'teaching' her babies to swim at home. She 'plays swim' ALL THE TIME! As a matter of fact, Caroline wants to come home and immediately get back in the pool at home. She loves it! Today, she was the Champion Breath Holder for all three competitions and set the record for the day in that level. She held her breath for 26 seconds, 24 seconds, and 22 seconds. That's quite a challenge for a little tyke! She was so proud of herself. She came home and told Tim that she 'beat all the boys'.
I think I should probably check her for gills. What do you think?


Leah and Maya said...

I would be insane, come on you paid for swimming lessons the stinkin kids have to stay int he water, not get out and have a snack! not that I am the perfect parent but geez that would drive me crazy as well.
How awesome and yes you might wat the check for gills.
See Maya's one swim lesson (water too cold for me) they couldn't touch "m not relaly sure if there are any pools where the kids can touch around here, maybe the outdoor pools but its just not warm enough. We bought one of those above ground pools (not expensive) if it ever feels warm enough then maybe we can work on swimming too.

Tammy said...

We had this same problem last year! This is the key...she needs to be with older kids. I wasted a week on lessons before I figured it out! Before I signed her up this year, I looked for a class where Charlotte would be the youngest. We just started swim lessons far so good! I get nervous!!

Charlotte was super...hesitant but totally tried everything. Sarah Grace screamed after every dunk but has figured out to close her mouth on three...I put her in the water babies. I'm so proud of Caroline! Maybe she can teach me how to swim! I can only dog paddle! Can't wait to hear how she does in level two! looks like we go to the same place...they're great.