Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Afternoon in Savannah though Caroline's Eyes

On our way home from Hilton Head, we stopped in my FAVORITE city and spent the afternoon. SAVANNAH! I would love to live there!!! Anyway, Gene had never been so Caroline and I decided to show him some of our favorite things. The majority of the photos were taken by Caroline, so I thought I would label the post "....through Caroline's eyes".

We are eating at one of our favorite restaurants in City Market...Tapas Caroline caught Papa eating some yummy She Crab Soup!!!
A snapshot of me waiting on my yummy She Crab soup!
Caroline's view of City Market...isn't it beautiful?
She remembered her carriage ride and desperately wanted to go on another one!
She said this was her 'favorite' horse
The fountains at Ellis Square. Last time we were here, it was under construction

Posing with her lollipop in front of Riverstreet Sweets
A real 'pirate' ship that we got to go on a tour...VERY cool!
Relaxing in front of the Waving Girl Statue
Caroline is telling Papa all about the history of the Waving Girl
The boat Caroline said she bought for Papa and Nana....yes, we wish! ;)
This is a REAL pumpkin sitting in front of a restaurant...couldn't help but pose with it!
I did NOT want my pic taken but when your daughter begs...You give in :)


Leah and Maya said...

Love all the pictures she took! Maya had a little camera but they wouldn't download off of it unfortunetly. Oh the beach pictures, look so so so wonderful!
Thanks for the recipe of the gingerbread playdough, we will definetly try that on these snowy days. Can you bake it? its almost like a salt dough recipe so I wondered if it would bake up as well.

Savoir Affaire said...

Simply Adorable