Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Baking

Caroline and I did quite a bit of baking over the Christmas break. She LOVES mixing and stirring and of course, eating the batter! The pictures are a bit backwards, but I wanted to capture some of the moments for our family members and friends out of town.

On Christmas Eve, we made Reindeer Food. It's to help Santa's reindeer find our house from the sky and to give the reindeer some food to nibble on while Santa is doing his job! It was super easy to make and she LOVED sprinkling it on the lawn and the sidewalk.

We also make a special ornament each year to hang on the tree with Caroline's handprint. I paint her entire hand in white paint and then paint the fingers to look like snowmen. We use the clear ornaments and add 'snow' to the inside. Super cute and super easy! I didn't take a picture of the finished project, but I'll add it to next year's list, hahahahaha.
This year, we made Reindeer Magic Food. Caroline knows how much Papa loves to munch on goodies, so she made this for him. It consists of pretzels, peanuts, rice chex mix, fruit loops, m&m's, and white chocolate. Melt the white chocolate and mix ingredients. Pour onto wax paper and let dry. Break up into pieces and enjoy!
On Christmas Eve, we baked Santa some special cookies. Unfortunately, the cookies turned out AWFUL! I think we used too much flour during the 'cutting out' process which weighed the cookies down. But, Caroline had fun and they looked cute!
In case you're wondering, we have several trees in our house. This one is in our kitchen/breakfast room. It started out with just initials (our monograms) but then we started adding our homemade ornaments from Caroline. I think it may just be one of my favorite trees! And yes, we are VERY southern, so we bake in our new smocked dresses! :)

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