Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's OFFICIAL!! We have a girl!

On December 16th, we finalized our adoption in the United States and the book is SEALED! We are officially the parents of a beautiful three year old girl!!! I must say this process has been an intense three years of labor pain. But, it has been totally worth it!!!
Posing in front of the courthouse with her 'present'
Caroline wore pink for her Embassy appointment and she wore pink for her readoption appointment!

We celebrated by going to eat breakfast and then to a local cupcake bakery!


Alissa said...

congratulations!! hugs, so excited for your,

Leah and Maya said...

Now that had to be a very Merry Christmas present!

So as painful and awful as it is you could now finish writing out the 3rd chapter of her adoption, because the ending is your adoption is COMPLETE! yay!