Saturday, July 14, 2007


DNA...check! What exciting news for us! Our DNA results came back for Caroline and they matched with her birth mother. 99.99% to be exact. You can't get any more perfect than that! I had this cute little picture to post when we got the news, but being in Guatemala, I can't get to the picture. Oh, well. Next week, we should be getting the "official" paperwork to fax down to Guatemala so that we can exit family court. Hopefully, we will be entering PGN in the middle of August and coming home in late September or early October. We are asking all you prayer warriors out there to keep up the awesome work! God is so good!

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Leah Gaffaney said...

Bethany I can't get an email to you, I think you will have to email me first. It was so great to meet you all at the Marriott, I will probably see you in September if I can afford the ride to get from Antigua back to the Marriott. Leah