Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictures of Our Friends in Guatemala

I thought that I would include some pictures of the wonderful people that we met while we stayed in Guatemala. These pictures are of families that are also adopting their little angels. Hope you enjoy! Please keep all these families in your prayers, as each case is unique. I am on my knees right now praying for Leah and Maya. Leah was kicked out of PGN while we were in Guatemala together. Her and her husband made the sacrifice for Leah to go and live in Antigua to foster Maya for the next 2 months. However, Leah just found out that her case is behind schedule and will probably be living in Guatemala for the next 5 months. I am asking all of you guys to pray for her and Maya, so that her case will be done in record time. Pray for her file to have a "shining" light on it so that all the reviewers will be drawn to it.
Spencer and Sophia (Florida)

Caroline and Ava (California)

Kirsten (who is living at the Marriott with mom until she gets out of PGN!!! YEAH!)

Leah and Maya (Fostering in Antigua and will hopefully be living in Washington soon)

Becky, David, and Andrea (neighbors to us in Conyers!!)


Lou said...

Do you know that I KNOW Becky???? How cool is that??? I wish I was at that Marriott with you...

Kelly said...

Ruthanne sent me your blog and I love it! :) We're all blog addicted so I'm so happy to have a new blog to follow. :) we just brought our daughter home from Guatemala 3 months ago. Caroline is beautiful and the pictures you have of her are fabulous!!