Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hello from Guatemala!!!

We made it to see our wonderful little angel! She's so perfect! As soon as I saw her foster mother rounding the corner, I gasped with a sigh of relief and excitement. She literally took my breath away! My mom is here with me and she immediately began crying! She kept saying "She's so beautiful! She's so beautiful!" Caroline is weighing in at about 12-13 pounds and has gotten really long! We took her foot and hand prints so we can frame them on the wall.

We've had a great day and had a great night last night. Caroline slept in her crib for the first time and slept solid. She woke up once for a bottle and went right back to sleep for us. We've already changed her clothes 4 times!!! Poor thing...she doesn't have any clothes!! :) Today, we met another couple from our agency and they are adopting 3 children! I can't even begin to imagine! What an awesome couple!

The only thing that we are missing, is daddy! Caroline and I miss him very much and wish that he could be here with us. WE are sending a BIG kiss and hug to him today. I'll try to post some pictures later today or tomorrow of her. I'm not sure how successful I will be since the computer is in Spanish. I definitely need to brush up on my second language! Stay tuned...

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