Monday, November 2, 2009

Checking in...

We are still here and doing well. It's been a CRAZY week and I am just now starting to catch my breath! My mom has been here visiting and left yesterday. My stepdad came in on Saturday and will be leaving tomorrow. It's been great seeing my family. I haven't seen them since this summer. :( Caroline loved hanging with Nana and Pepaw! I loved it too (LOTS of things got done around the house!!!).

My women's tennis team made it to the Playoffs, so we had to play on Saturday (Halloween). If you live around here, you will know that it was RAINING!!!! How in the world did we end up playing you might ask???? We used leaf blowers, brooms, squeegees, and beach towels to dry the courts. CRAZY!!!! But the other team insisted on playing. Since it's the playoffs, you only have to win 3 out of 5 lines (points). My partner and I ended up finishing in the POURING RAIN to clench our third point!!! Yay!!! Yesterday, we drove 80 minutes to play the overall number 1 team and WON!!!! So, next Sunday, we play in the Final Four!!! We are so close to winning the silver plate....fingers crossed and say some prayers! :)

After finishing on the courts at 6:00, I rushed home in the rain to pick up Caroline and get her dressed. We raced to my sister's house, went to one house to trick or treat, and called it a night. I'm NOT a fan of candy, so one house was more than enough! Uncle Stan made all the kids treat bags with toys in it, so she was super excited! We then came home and crashed in the bed!

I'll post pictures of Caroline dressed up either later today or tomorrow. For now, I'm tired and my fingers hurt from tennis. I just wanted to give you some updates and to let you know we are ALIVE!!! :)

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Natasha said...

Great to read what you have been up to! Congratulations for making it to the Final Four! I have been so bad about blogging lately! I need to get back into it!