Friday, November 6, 2009

Hoe Down Day

Caroline had Hoe Down Day at school today. We have been anticipating this event for quite some time since it's been postponed for several weeks. I designed Caroline's outfit and my mom made it for me. It was all inspired by the RED BOOTS! It was a bit cold this morning, so I had to add tights and throw on her red vest. Luckily, it all seemed to work. :)
They had the Kentucky Derby, egg/spoon races, digging for farm animals in hay, farm bean bag toss and of course a hayride. Caroline had a great time....until....I showed up! She became very whiny and REFUSED to take a group picture. Picture this...SCREAMING, CRYING, SNOT, TEARS....YIKES!! I walked her inside with her class and hightailed it out of there until 12:00!! She definitely had an off day. :( I took her to Sonic for lunch and then she went to bed.


Tammy said...

She is so cute & look at her all decked out ready for the farm!

You just never know what to expect from little ones do you?! Mine always keep me guessing! I love the boots. They were definitely worth the effort! You're going to have to take her to rock ranch & get some extra use out of those boots! Chick-fil-a in Stockbridge has coupons if you go!

Leah and Maya said...

love the skirt and the boots she looked adorable, yeah you never know what you are goign to get a sweet happy child or a crying whiny child, or even a screaming child, we are there with you.