Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Visit

We went to see Santa this weekend! The pics are acting crazy and somewhat out of order, but oh well! :) I didn't get a great picture since the elf made me stand outside of the fence to take my two personal pics. But the picture we bought turned out GREAT!

Caroline is telling Santa that she wants a 'Pizza Set' and a 'Donut Set'....both from Melissa & Doug (great toys!!) WOW! Taking pictures with and of Caroline is SUPER difficult these days! She wants to 'fake' smile, squint her eyes and be silly. All of these things I love, but not when you're sitting in the floor of a crowded mall, lol!!

My mom HATES having her pictures made, but I BEGGED her to get in the picture with us. I am going to treasure this picture one day! :)

Caroline posing with the book Santa gave her

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