Thursday, August 9, 2007

Feeling the Need to See Caroline????

Are you feeling the need to see Caroline??? I know that I am! After look at her picture today, I decided to post some more pictures of her. I can't get enough of her!!! Can you?

I think I like this bathing suit..I'm not really sure, yet!

Look at how bigger I am than last month!!!

I love Daddy? Enough said!

My mommy made me wear this silly hat!

Nana, I'm trying to either walk to the pool or eat your arm! Oh, well...


Diana said...

ADORABLE is all I can say! Hope school is going well...send me some pics of your classroom you kept taking about!


Ruthanne said...

Feeling the Need to See Caroline????

do you really have to ask that? The answer is always, "YES". Keep those pictures coming!!
When is your next visit trip?

Lou said...

What a cutie patootie! Questions:
What is going on with her case, and when are you going back down?

Love the pics!

Becky & David said...

She's so cute, Bethany!! Maybe I'll see you in Guatemala next month! :)

Diana said...

Hey! I will see you in September :-) There is no chance we are leaving before the 15th....if we get submitted to the embassy by next thursday our appointment will be around the 18th or long are you staying in September? I can't wait to see you and Caroline! Is your husband coming or your mom?