Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And Now for an Uplifting Moment...

Caroline in her "little clippies" hairbow!!!

What'cha doing Mr. Cow???

I'm praying for PA!

Caroline's favorite hobby...sticking her tongue out!

Excuse me Senora...can I have a caramel latte in my bottle?


Becky & David said...

She's beautiful!! Love the bow in her hair!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take a look see at your sweet baby. My class and I have been praying specific for you. I know that God hears all those sweet kids prayers, I know you will hear something soon.

Hey, Thanks for putting up with me.I am having such a hard time with Torrie growing up, it is such a blessing but a heartache too.
Thanks a bunch.... Gayle

Ruthanne said...

She's just beautiful!! Are you visiting again soon?

Home sweet home said...

What a dolly !! Love the tongue pictures !!