Thursday, February 7, 2008


Can I get an O, a U, a T????? What's that spell???? OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, you heard it right, we got the call today, we are out of PGN!!! God is SO good!

We knew that today could possibly be the "it" day. One of our friends was calling today, but could not get through. I described it as a band aid that was slowly being ripped off of a wound. LOL!

At lunch, my phone rang and I looked down at the caller ID. I saw the name and immediately my heart dropped into my stomach. It was not the person that I was expecting to call. I answered the phone and he was very solemn. He asked if I had a moment and if I was sitting down. I was staring at one of my fellow teachers across the table and my eyes were watering. He then proceeded to tell me that our facilitator had gotten an out and....we were IT! In my mind, I really thought that I was screaming for joy, however, my friend said that my face immediately began to crumble and tears started flowing. I looked at her and she was crying because I was crying. I nodded my head and gave her a thumbs up!!! WE WERE OUT!!!

It was amazing! My students started running up to me and jumping up and down. You see, as soon as I picked up the phone, I could feel my students' heads immediately jerk to attention. They were just as nervous and excited as I was! I swear, I felt that I was going to vomit or pass out. My head started hurting as the tension and stress immediately lifted off of me. (Just like Becky told me!!!)

I just kept saying "Thank you Lord" over and over again. However, thank you, just doesn't seem to be enough. What do you say to the Lord who was faithful with His promise? I just can't even find the praises to sing to Him. For once, I am completely speechless! God truly gets the glory for this out. Our prayer has been that God will be glorified and we will just fall to the wayside. "You are the Lord, the God of all mankind. Nothing is too hard for You!" Jeremiah 32:27 This has been the verse that I wake up saying and go to bed saying. I have never prayed over a verse so hard in my life. As a matter of fact, it has now become my life verse.

Thank you God!!! WE ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Becky & David said...

Bethany and Tim, you know that I am beyond thrilled for you guys. :) I am so excited that your baby girl will finally be coming home. Caroline and Andrea are going to be the best of friends. Love you guys and can't wait for us to be on pick-up together. :)

Isaac McGee said...

Oh Bethany that is so awesome. I am so happy for you guys. I know you have really been torn up thru this and this process sure wears on the nerves. Getting out of PGN is such a great and wonderful feeling. When I got the call I just fell to the praising God. He is so good and He will see us through this to the end. God Bless you and I hope you are out celebrating right now.

Ruthanne said...

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I am SO, SO happy for you guys!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your pick-up trip!!!!

M & J said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! I have tears of joy running down my face at work!! LOL!!!


Stephanie said...

I am so happy for you!!! I have been stalking your blog just WAITING and waiting. It is so good to finally see that you are OUT. Great song to go with the news. Now, things will move along QUICKLY, and you KNOW that this end is near. Yay!!!

Maggie said...

Bethany - this is WONDERFUL news! We have been thinking of you and praying for you everyday! We're all SOOOOO happy for you! Caroline will be home SOON!

Kelley said...


Anonymous said...

What great news! Congratulations! Come on home Caroline! :)