Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Medical Drama

When we got Caroline we were told that she had been to the doctor for a fever and chest congestion. We should give her a certain type of medicine 3 times a day until Tuesday. We also were told that she should get another set of medicine 2 times a day indefinitely for teething. We didn't feel like she was getting any better and she was severely constipated. She managed to get out a rock with some blood on it for us. I was really worried so I tagged along to the doctor's office with another friend. It turns out that Caroline did not go to see the right doctor, but was taken to a "cheapy" clinic down the street. The doctor gave her medicine and such. BUT...the medicine that she was getting for the chest cold turned out to be a bad medicine and they pulled it from the shelf. It's the equivalent of an adult breathing treatment and races their hearts too much. In other words, a heart attack. The teething medicine turned out to be MUCH stronger than adult tylenol or motrin and was also banned. The doctor was so upset with my fostermom and he threw the medicine away. The medicines have bad side effects such as SEVERE constipation, crankiness, fidgety, nervous ticks, etc.... It started make sense as to why she was feeling so rotten! The doctor said that she was overmedicated and still needed to be on antibiotics, but because she had so much in her system, he didn't want her to have anything. We have some herbal medicine that we can start giving to her on Friday morning if needed. Also, if she isn't getting any better, I have to go back in with her. After hearing all of this, I started crying when I got out of the clinic. I was so relieved that she was okay, but so angry that she was taking bad medicine. My heart is torn as to whether to yell at her fostermom or kindly but sternly, remind her of the seriousness of her action. Today, Caroline is returning to her usual jovial self. She's much happier and will let my mom hold her and push her in the stroller. She dances to music and does what we call "a happy dance". This is usually when she is eating!!! :) She laughs and loves to stink her tongue out and mimic you. I love her so much!!! Life just feels right when I am with her. It's going to be hard leaving her. But, the end is near and it will be a very quick turnaround. Please pray for our birth certificate to come in on Friday. Our facilitator is expecting a batch of them and ours should be in it. A group should have been finished today, but they told him to come back on Friday. Pray for a quick process while we are at the end. After our BC is issued, we then get our passport photo and then we are submitted for orange. Orange being the second DNA. Also pray for our pathetic agency and that they do the right thing and pay the second half of our country fee. Right now, they are holding out and unfortunately, we are in the middle of DRAMA!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for more of that! Have a great night and I'll leave you with the video and more pics. :)


The Moore Family said...

Oh Bethany, I am so sorry. I'm glad you were able to take her to a real doctor and get some real advice. I wonder if they took Caroline to a cheapo clinic because they aren't getting paid? and didn't have enough money to go to the real doctor? I am just so thankful that you went down there! If you had gone in a week or two, poor Caroline might have been in much worse shape! I am so glad that you rescued her!

Isaac McGee said...

Oh Bethany it is a good thing you went. I hope Caroline is feeling better soon. Hoping for quick resolve with your agency, bc and the rest of the drama you are having to deal with to. Hang in there because there is light at the end of that long black tunnel.

Ruthanne said...

SO glad you went along to the Dr. Poor, little Caroline. Glad she is ok and back to her old self. I will be SO glad when she is home safe and sound with you guys.