Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Caroline's Novio is OUT! :)

My dear friend, Lori's son, Spencer, is out of PGN!! WAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Can you tell that we are excited??? We met Spencer and his family back in June in Guatemala and have kept in touch ever since. We always tried to arrange our visits together. I am in Florida right now with Caroline and haven't been checking my email. I logged on and read one of the best emails...SPENCER IS OUT OF PGN!! My heart lept into my throat! We have been praying SO hard for this little guy and now our prayers have been answered! We'll be heading to Miami in the near future for a PERFECT reunion!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Becky & David said...

Yay! Congratulations to his family. We met her when we were at the Marriott in April, I think.

Leah, Joe, and Maya said...

Congrats to your friends!!!! I still have a few friends stuck in Antigua but hopefully soon they can all get home. Hey its about 1 year since we met, wow am I happy to be home.