Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We're still alive, but extremely BUSY!!!

Hi all! We are still here, but we have been super busy. We went to visit my mom and stepdad (the first time Caroline had been there). We got to see all of my aunts and uncles (my mom is from a HUGE family) and met some new friends. We weren't able to meet Jessica and Jaden because my mom had us traveling all over the place. I was really bummed, but maybe we'll be able to hook up in November. I wasn't able to post pictures because my mother hasn't stepped into this century and still doesn't have internet! I about lost my mind!! We had to go to the McDonald's where they had free Wi-Fi.

I will post more tidbits from our trip and pictures later, but right now we are getting ready for a mom's consignment sale on Friday. I also have to play three tennis matches in the next 5 days. I made it to the playoffs (YAY!!), but they only give you three days to get that match in!

I also gave Tim a HUGE surprise last night. He loves Hootie and the Blowfish and every year, he says we should go see them when they are in Atlanta. But, since all of our money was in Guatemala, it just wasn't possible or feasible. WELL...last night, I was given two seats at an intimate table to see Hootie! I called Tim and he just about fell over! He is SO excited!

So now, I have to schedule in a concert as well. It's really all quite funny...we haven't had anything to do in quite some time and now we are overloaded! Isn't it funny how life goes!!

Gotta go, I'll post later today.


M & J said...

Hey girl!! I was disappointed too but totally understand!!! Maybe next time you will have more time LOL!!! Glad you had a great trip!!

Congrats on the Tickets!!! Awesome!!

Stephanie said...

Wow! Lots going on for you guys. :) Congrats on making the playoffs Bethany! That's awesome! Where is the consigment sale at? I'd like to check it out for my niece :)

Chelsea said...

Hey! Glad ya'll made it home safely!
You sure do have a busy week of events. Have fun!

Bethany said...


The consignment sale is at a friend's's off of Highway 42 going towards Locust Grove. It's in the Iris Lake Subdivision. Call me if you get lost! It's blazing HOT out there!!!