Thursday, July 3, 2008

My New Walking Shoes

We went to Stride Rite the other week to get Caroline some new walking shoes. I've been reading a ton of research on whether to get them or let her go barefoot...BUT, I think the authors must live in a cooler zone, because it's too stinking hot in Atlanta to go without shoes! She loved the shoe store and trying on shoes! However, the worker came over to measure her foot and she started SCREAMING! It was actually pretty funny! Especially, when a mother told her little boy that he used to do that when he was her age! ;) Caroline loves her shoes and loves looking at them. I'll ask her, "Caroline, where are your pretty shoes?" She immediately looks down at her feet and touches them! SO CUTE!


Ruthanne said...

Pretty shoes for an even prettier little girl!

Leah, Joe, and Maya said...

HI Bethany, I follow your blog and have the whole time but am so terrible with leaving comments, I guess that what I get now that I have a blog and no comments. Much easier thent he mass emails. So glad youa re all home can't believe it have been just about 1 year ago that we met! and we got KO of PGN, oh to be HOME!!!! Caroline is getting so big they just grow so fast, hope your mom is doing well, I know the mother's are happy that their children are happy and have their beuatiful grandchildren home.