Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Well, it wasn't a wedding, but it was a Greek Festival. The annual Atlanta Greek Festival was this past weekend and my family decided to attend. No, we aren't Greek, but who cares! We parked in a huge parking lot and were shuttled in a passenger bus to the cathedral. It was like being in Disney World! We arrived to hear the festive music and the wonderful aromas of the food that I cannot even begin to pronounce! We walked around the grounds, scoped out which food we were going to eat and then toured the sanctuary. We sat through a rather boring informational session about the history of the Greek Orthodox Church. I say it was boring because it was SO QUIET and I was praying that Caroline didn't interrupt the silence. She managed to crawl under the pew and entertain the couple behind us. The best thing about the presentation was the speaker's appearance. She looked identical to the mom in the movie! I should say however, that the mosaic tiles were incredible. I didn't take any pictures because no one else was...but it was amazing.

Caroline and I split a gyro made with the freshest lamb. She devoured it! We also split some Greek potatoes. I WANT that recipe! Caroline doesn't eat french fries or potatoes but LOVED those! We then walked around some more and then ate some more. DESSERT! OH MY! I bought us some Greek wedding cookies (pure heaven!) and some kind of dessert that I totally butchered when I ordered it! It is similar to baklava, but shaped differently. I saved it for tomorrow.

After much eating, we found some seats near the stage to watch some dancing and listen to music. It was just like being in the movie. There were tons of "real Greeks" dancing in circles, lines, and yelling "oopa". I think Caroline may be Greek because she loved the food, loved the music, and immediately started dancing. Guatemalan or Greek? :) We are looking forward to next year's festival. :)


Chelsea said...

Caroline's hair is getting longer. She's so beautiful!
Thanksgiving will be here before we know it ;)

Ruthanne said...

That sounds like a GREAT time! I went to one of those in Columbus once and the food was AWESOME!
Caroline gets more beautiful every day.