Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yucky again???

This past weekend, Caroline was sick again with a high fever. She consistently ran about 101.5 to 102.5. It was not a fun weekend. We stayed home and just hung out. Caroline discovered the television (or rather Blue's Clues). She's not sold on it, but it did give us some relief for a bit. We also learned that when she's sick, she's totally a Mommy's Girl. Mommy is pooped out! I felt so sorry for her because he fever would get so high and then it would break. After it would break, she would be soaking wet! Poor baby! I'm so glad that she's back to her normal self and was able to return to school today. Yay for Mommy! Here are some pictures that I snapped of Caroline on Sunday when she was feeling better.


Leah and Maya said...

Tis the time to year or bring on in the eye teeth. She's cute no matter what!!!!

Chelsea said...

Glad she's feeling better!