Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopping at the House

One of my former students, Sam and his mom, Melissa, gave Caroline this cool shopping cart. She has finally grown into it and LOVES it! She loves pushing it around the house, looking for bargains (just like her mommy)! The other day, the fridge was open and she helped herself to ketchup, mayo, and mustard. I guess she thought we were going to a picnic?? :) I also had to go to Target the other day to get her a new fall outfit. It was cool enough for her to wear it to school last Wednesday. So cute!!!


Chelsea said...

She's beautiful! Those hair bows are too cute. I like her shoes too. Basically the whole outfit is cute.
Caroline just looks adorable in anything! :) I love the last pic....her smile!

Ruthanne said...

What a little cutie-pie. Isn't it weird to watch them start to do big kid things? I'm still amazed.