Monday, February 16, 2009

The Longing for Geese

I love her great smile!
"Why won't they come see me?""Peaches, I am not going to play ball...I'm trying to get us a new pet!"

The other day, we were hanging out in the backyard when Caroline spotted the geese on the other side of the fence. She was so upset because the geese would not come up to her. She cried and cried. Caroline would stick her hand between the slats and just beg for the geese to come to her. I was secretly praying they would not because these geese are MEAN! Needless to say, Caroline was disappointed in her new pets!
Yesterday, I had a tennis match where the courts overlooked a small pond on a golf course. This course had resident ducks, swans, and geese and were NOT afraid of Caroline. Tim took her down to the landing and they just loved on her and begged her to feed them. Now, how do you explain to your 1 year old that these geese are different? :)

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