Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow! Has it been that long???

Sorry for the long absence. We've been taking a bit of a break from the computer and shopping. This week has been quite a blur for me. Tim and I played tennis together (as a team) on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was definitely a crazy day for me because I had to do a mystery shop at 12 and then get to the tennis center by 1:45. We arranged for our wonderful sitter to watch Caroline and we hit the courts. We haven't played together since this summer and boy were we rusty! We pulled it off and brought in a win. It was kind of humorous in the third set. The opponent just gave up and started slamming the ball in the net. We then took the sitter home and then headed out the door again to watch the SuperBowl at a neighbor's house. Right before half time, Tim asked me if I was ready to go.....YES! As we walked across the yards, he made the comment that you know you are getting old when loud noises now bother you! So, we proceeded to watch the rest of the game from the quietness of our house.
On Monday, I turned another year older. I would like to think I am getting wiser and NOT older. To top off the beginning of the week, I found my first grey hair! YIKES! Note to self...make hair color appointment! I also picked up another tutoring child who will be coming two days a week. So, I had to make adjustments into my schedule.
Tim's been in town this week, so we spent some quality time as a family. He helped me pick up the house and he took care of Caroline while I got some much needed naps. I'm not sure if I am fighting illness or just catching up on sleep. I don't sleep well while he is traveling and he was gone for about two weeks. :( It's been really nice having him home this week.
On Wednesday, Caroline and I went to Phipps Mall to spend my birthday money. We had a great time walking around the mall and doing tons of window shopping. Before we left, I let her run around this little couch area. She had a great time running back and forth between the couches and chairs. The man at Teavana was laughing so hard at her! Too bad he didn't offer up any more free tea!! :) Goodness knows, I needed some more energy!!!
On Thursday, we went downtown to the Children's Museum. We had a BLAST! I will definitely be going back! See the next post for pictures.
This brings us to today...we've been super lazy! Caroline is into her two hour nap and I finished picking up the house (for the 50th time). When she wakes up, we will go out back to play on her slide and run around in the yard with the dogs. She has TONS of energy!!! Tonight, I will be playing some tennis with my USTA women's team and gearing up for my last match in the morning. Tim's on baby duty, so hopefully, he will keep the flour away from Caroline!


LB said...

Happy Late Birthday!!

We love the Children's Museum. We should all go sometime. It was so much fun finally meeting you and Caroline!! Tutti and I have been picking up the free papers. We are so excited.

Stephanie said...

how can I be a secret shopper?

Where is the Children's Museum?