Thursday, September 10, 2009

Publix Shopping Trip #2

Since my coupons for the Lipton Tea were expiring today, I had to go back to Publix to pick them up. I somehow messed up my totals and ended up having an unusual surprise at the checkout.
Transaction Details:
6- Scotch Mailers $.59 ea- (6- $.50 MQ doubled)= Free+++
6- French's Mustard $.70 ea- (6- $.50 MQ doubled)= Free+++ *raincheck*
10- Cereal Bowls $1.00 ea- (5- $1.00/2 MQ and 10- $1.00 Target Q)= Free+++
2- Fiber One Yogurt $1.25 ea- (2- $1.25 MQ)= Free
10- Lipton Tea $1.49 ea- (10- $1.00 MQ)= $4.95 ea **raincheck**
1- Deer Park Water $3.99
1- jalapeno pepper- $.02
1- Serrano pepper- $.09
1- Fingerhot pepper- $.07
1- Garlic- $.27
1- Bartlett Pear- $.67
1- Plum- $.18
Total: $43.50
Total OOP: NONE!! They paid me $.21!!!

*Note- I miscalculated my total. I thought the lipton tea bags were $3.99 ea, so that majorly threw my total off.

*Note- I had a new cashier who chose to do my target coupons last and entered them in as a $10 competitor coupon. If I had been able to see this on the screen, I would have stopped it before it went into the negative. I was a bit freaked out and so was the CS manager. She thought that I used a BJ's coupon, which they no longer take. I didn't know what to do, so I just thanked them and took the 21 cents and walked out.

*Note- The man behind me struck up a conversation about my tea, so I gave him a box to try. Perhaps it was karma???????

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LA girl said...

I love seeing those little peppers in your transaction. They crack me up!