Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Whole Lot of Savings at Publix

I'm not going to go into transaction details because this was last Saturday's shopping trip. Actually, it was trips! I took my sister into the city and we went to 3 Publix's and a Whole Foods. Everything you see in this picture, including the flowers and the steaks (in the fridge) was less than $15! Thanks Publix for helping me to save money!!!!! Oh, how I LOVE YOU!

This picture is my last Friday's shopping trip to Publix. Caroline and I went to Peachtree City to do some shopping and of course, we hit a Publix on the way home. I bought lots of overage items, which resulted in a total of about $2.00! Have I mentioned that I REALLY love Publix??


Stephanie said...

Seriously, you are amazing!!! Our stores don't let us have overage here. If the coupon is more than the cost of the item, then it only allows us to get the item for free. We need to have a Publix come up here. Good job!

Tammy said...

I'm speechless! I had to show my husband! He told me to start shopping with you. Even after the coupon class...I can't do that. I spent 46 and saved 58 in coupons on Sunday...that's a start, but it is still no where near the Bethany point!

Bethany said...

Stephanie...You are too sweet! That really stinks about not getting the overage. Some stores consider that "coupon fraud" by not allowing you to have the entire amount that the manufacturer intended. It's really a gray area, so just keep trying and maybe it will happen for you one day. But, free is better than full price. :)

Tammy, you can come with me anytime! I'll take you into the city and we can have a blast going from Publix store to Publix store! Remember, it really only works where there are major overage situations. In this case, the trail mix, the revlon, and the TGIF's produced it. Saving $56 is nothing to sneeze about! Great job!

LA girl said...

Bethany, you don't need me anymore girl. You do just fine on your own. I'm checking your blog from now on to do MY shopping. :)