Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorting Fun!

I have noticed that since Caroline has been in preschool, she has been a bit 'bored' at home. I have had to step up the activities for her. On Thursday, we were stuck at home waiting on my freezer to be delivered and I needed to work in the garage to prepare for its arrival. So, I poured 4 bags of white rice in a large bowl and mixed in insects of different colors. I then gave her plates to sort her insects. This lasted for hours! I decided that my glass mixing bowl wasn't the best idea and replaced it with a plastic storage container. I put on the lid, put it on the shelf and now we have an instant learning center!


Tutti said...

So fun, I love it and what about all that FREE rice!!

Tammy said...

Love it! That teaching background comes in handy at times doesn't it? Let me know how you like the freezer being upright. I'm shopping for one when that 'cash for clunker' deal on appliances starts! I signed up for a coupon class in September! YEAH! Thanks for your continued inspiration!