Sunday, February 21, 2010

And We're Back!

Caroline and I are back from visiting my family this past week. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed being pampered by my mom and Gene (aka Nana and Papa). As you all know, we got hit by a snowstorm so that delayed our trip by a night. Caroline and I traveled to Nashville and then spent the night in a hotel. We had so much fun...a girl's night!

Caroline was spoiled rotten by Nana and Papa. She had a constant play companion and had everyone 'on call'. I was able to spend time learning/working my mom's new embroidery and sewing machine. Unfortunately, I am taking it to the repair center because something is wrong with the computer screen. I can't wait to start monogramming all her ribbons and shirts, after all, a girl can't live in the South without monogramming!

Since I have been back home, I have hit the ground running. I have a super busy week with a HUGE consignment sale (I'm working 12 hours), a tennis match, the teacher appreciation luncheon (postponed) on Friday and dogsitting my sister's two dogs. I am also trying to get my coupons organized for the Publix Italian Days Sale. We will be stocking up on Progresso Soup, Pillsbury Bread, and Whole Wheat Pasta. At 15cents a box (after coupon), I urge you to buy several boxes and donate them to the Food Pantry!!! Of course, once I get my coupons in order and shop, it will be time to gather the next batch.

I am trying a new recipe this week and I can't wait to post the recipe. My mom fixed it for us and it was YUMMY! I have most of the ingredients in my stockpile, but will be buying a few needed items. I'm also substituting turkey breast for hamburger meat. Since my week is so busy, I'm trying to cook as much ahead of time, to help reduce stress. Tonight, I cooked a honey glazed spiral sliced ham and veggies. It made enough for sandwiches and dinner tomorrow night. It was my first time to cook a ham and I must say, I was quite pleased (not to mention the fact I only paid $8 for a 10 pound ham at Kroger, just made it better).

We celebrated Valentine's Day with Caroline and just loved on her! We gave her some DVD's, candy, cookies, puzzles, and a new furry hat/mitten set. She was so sweet when she opened her gifts. I told her it was "I Love You Day" and these were 'just because we loved you'. She grabbed me and hugged me so tight. So SWEET!

Okay, enough of Caroline soon!! I promise!


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Oh, couponing.... urg! I'll be back at it soon because Brian rolls off his project next week which means no more big bonuses AND I'll have no excuse that I don't have time! :)

LA girl said...

Bethany, I live 2 miles from the Nipper's Corner store. I would have loved to have seen you!!