Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's a Hard KNOX life....

I am LOVING the $4.00 Knox coupon that was in the paper a few weeks ago! It is really helping me keep my grocery spending to a minimum and has been instrumental in helping me buy teacher appreciation items. BUT, I went today and saw a sign posted that said, "We are no longer accepting this coupon for any other item besides the item pictured. Thanks, Mgmt" WHAT!!!!

The coupon wording CLEARLY states "ANY KNOX PRODUCT"! So, I came home and typed up a complaint to Publix headquarters. We shall see what they say and I'll be sure to report back to you.

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Natasha said...

I had a similar situation happen to me a few days ago.

My first mistake was going through a line at my local Publix that had a cashier that I have had problems with in the past. The juicy juice 8 packs were on sale BOGO. I had $1.00 coupons off the purchase of any two juicy juice products. The cashier told me that I could not use the coupons because they were BOGO items and I was already getting one for free. I walked a few feet over to customer service because I was not about to deal with the cashier. One manager was fine with my coupons but then showed them to two other managers who said I could not use them. They said that they went by the picture and the picture was a bottle of juicy juice. I said the coupons states that it could be used on any juicy juice items. They would not let me use them. I was so upset. I have used them before on 8 packs. To top it off, I was buying them for my daughters 5th birthday party that was the next day and that was why I was buying 4 of them (and trying to use two coupons). The cashier was nagging me to pay, and I told him to take the juice packs off my order. He did not understand and a manager had to tell him to take them off. He kept saying, "Slide your card". I went to a different Publix when I was out running errands later that day and used the coupons with no problem. But what a waste of time to save $2.00!!!

The next day I went back to my local Public to buy a bag of ice on the way to my daughter's birthday party. When I was leaving I saw a Publix Greenwise Magazine. There were about 50 of them and the coupon on the front of the magazine had been clipped out on every one of them. I bet the managers cut them out! Can you believe that! I would like to find out what coupon it was out of curiousity.

OK, I am glad to get all that off my chest!