Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Days in Georgia

A few weeks ago, we experienced a wonderful thing in Georgia...SNOW! We were blessed with about five inches and we LOVED every minute of it! Of course, we weren't totally prepared as we didn't really have the appropriate outfits. Hence, the mismatched clothing, no warm hats or snow boots. :) Caroline had been watching so many movies about 'snowmen', so she was super excited to build her own. She was great at rolling the snow into balls and loved throwing snowballs at us. We had tons of fun with our good friends down the street, Daniel and John. Excuse the pictures........they are in REVERSE order. ;)

The second day...the snow is melting, but is still lots of fun!
Not happy posing with her great snowman! We used brocolli for eyes, carrot nose, and tomatoes for the mouth...yep, we had extra veggies at the house.
Loving the snow!
Throwing a snowball at me!
Gathering up her 'ammo'...
I love this picture because you can see the snow really falling down.

Caroline is making her first snowball!
Running in the backyard with the first drops of snow, notice the giant 'snowball...aka soccer ball' in Caroline's hands. Peaches LOVES playing ball!
Helping Peanut get the snow off her back! Poor Peanut was NOT impressed with the snowfall!
Caroline is yelling, "It's snowing, Moooommmmyy!!!"

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Leah and Maya said...

well we normally have a ton of snow but we have sent it all south and east I guess this year, but we woke up to snow this morning, and boy was Maya excited!!!!