Friday, September 21, 2007

Nana and Pepaw Pictures

Caroline and I are very fortunate that my mother and step-dad were able to join us in Guatemala for a visit. My mother came with me in July for two weeks and just couldn't stand the fact that I was coming back without her. She asked if she could come and lo and behold, we are here! Caroline is loving having her Nana and Pepaw with her. Every time Pepaw enters the room, her eyes immediately go to his voice. It's amazing how much she already loves them! Thanks Nana and Pepaw for coming with me to see our bonita Carolina!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany!

It's Debbie! Nice to see 'ole Gene (a.k.a. PePaw) in the pictures! Nice he took the trip too!

I cannot believe how big Caroline looks! Amazing how time flies.

Keep hanging on. She'll be here soon!

See you in Gatlinburg girl!

Love you all bunches! Deb