Friday, September 21, 2007

My new favorite activity!

Caroline has discovered a new favorite activity...a rainforest jumparoo! One of our friend's (who is living down here in Guatemala) daughter outgrew her jumparoo and was going to sell it. Sell it???? We instantly became all ears! Caroline now has a favorite pastime...jumping! Her legs are already so strong, but can you imagine in two months? Each time we put her in it, she breaks out in huge smile and starts to laugh! I love it!! Her fostermom is going to adore us for that! I can't wait to see Ulyssa's face when I bring that down to her. She's either going to croak or love it! Oh, well...

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Diana said...

I really hope she enjoys the jumparoo as much as Kirsten did :-) I will definatly miss you guys and thanks for celebrating my birthday with me.