Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waiting on PA is driving me Nutty!!!

Alright, enough already!!! I just need to vent a bit...why in the world have we not been released and issued our Pre-Approval? Today officially marks Day 63 and I am truly going batty, nutty, and crazy! The thing is...the Guatemalan government is not holding us up, it's our own government...the US Embassy! I emailed them (again) today and I received a reply stating that they are still "reviewing our case". They then attached a formal letter stating that it takes between 30-60 days for an issue. WELL...IT'S BEEN 63 DAYS!!! Do I need to help them count the days????
I am honestly thinking that I may need to stay here until our PA is issued. At least I could be here to "oversee" our case for a little while. It makes no sense, but in my head, it makes perfect sense! After it's issued, I would be able to get on the plane without being hysterical. I'm just so frustrated!!! I don't think pregnancy is this bad!
Okay...enough of my rambling. Caroline is doing great! She loves to be with us and is constantly smiling! She's even beginning to laugh out loud! It's the sweetest sound!


Becky & David said...

I can't get over that you do not have PA yet! It's been far too long. We got ours on day 63, so hopefully you'll get it very soon! Caroline is so cute! I just want to pinch those cheeks.

Ruthanne said...

UGH---that wait STINKS!! I feel your pain. I got mine the day I got home from my visit trip. Maybe you need to get home. lol
The U.S. held up my process every single step of the way---the Guatemalan part was a breeze. I hope you hear something tomorrow or Saturday.

Home sweet home said...

LOVE her tongue action -- too cute !!!

Anonymous said...


I do hope you get it soon, so you can bring that sweet baby girl home with you :)