Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Update and the HUGE mess!

EDITED: The truth of the story comes out from dear hubby! He wasn't getting anything out of the pantry, he just thought he could do a better job organizing it! NOT! (He admitted defeat!) Also, he states "As I was standing in the chair with the flour, I saw Caroline grab the bags of flour and head towards the living room. I didn't think it was a big deal??!"
Not a big deal?? Is that why we are ice skating on an invisible rink in our living room? Our hardwood floors sure are slick!

Our weekend was kind of a whirlwind, meaning it came and went really fast! On Friday evening, I headed to Publix because my coupons were expiring and Tim fed Caroline dinner (pork tenderloin, potatoes, broccoli). Pretty easy night. On Saturday, we literally stayed in our pajamas for almost the entire day! Tim gave me the best gift ever...he got up with Caroline and let me sleep in! THANK YOU!! Our living room looked like a tornado ripped through it and Tim had finally had enough. So, he had the grand plan that if we spent 20 minutes, our house would be back in order. As we made our way from one end of the house to the other, our little "Monster" didn't like the fact that her toys were being put away. We would put away one toy and two more would reappear! FINALLY...Tim got a glimpse into my daily life.

Now, Sunday is a different story. We were both playing tennis up at Oglethorpe University, but at different times. The plan was that I would ride up there with another teammate since I was playing at 1:00 and he didn't have to be there until around 2:30ish. He would drive up with Caroline later and I would take over while he was playing. Before I left, I dressed Caroline in cute play clothes, ones that she could get dirty and still look adorable.

I got finished with my match just as Tim was pulling into the parking lot. Since there were tons of steps, I ran down to help him get Caroline out of the car. I opened the door and neither one looked happy.

"What's wrong? And why is she wearing this sweater? It looks horrible with her outfit." I began to unbutton it to take it off.
"It's not her sweater. It's her shirt. And don't ask me why she is in different clothes."
"What happpened? Why in the world would you put on a sweater as a shirt? That doesn't make sense? Can't you see that this doesn't look good? Also, why is she covered in white powder?"
"It's flour...and I did the best I could. It's the first thing I saw. Besides, nothing matches those stupid animal print pants anyway."
"What???" Ignoring the outfit comment. "Flour? Why is she wearing flour?"
"I was getting something out of the pantry and I put the flour and the tortilla flour on the chair. The phone rang so I walked away to grab it. I looked up and Caroline had dumped the entire two bags on the couch and was playing in it." said very calmly.
Not so calmly..."WHAT!!! Why in the world did you put the flour on the chair? Why not the table? Why not another shelf?"
"We have both had meltdowns and just be glad that we are both here and she's dressed! It happened as we were supposed to be walking out the door." Tim proceeds to get out of the car and leaves me with an unhappy and ragamuffin looking babe.

So, what is the moral of the story? Don't put flour on the chair! :) I would share pictures, but Tim took them with his camera. It definitely looked like she was having fun! Poor Tim! The first shot of the game, he took his racquet, connected with the ball and the poor opponent didn't even have a chance. He literally hit him upside down with that tennis ball. I guess he was getting his frustrations out??


Debbie said...


We have a picture of Tony when he was a little older than Caroline.

He had GONE TO THE PANTRY and gotten out my cornstarch.

When I went to his room to find him, he had dumped the entire box out on him bedroom floor and had all this Tonka trucks going thru them! LOL!

I was so MAD, but Greg thought it was GREAT!

...and, of course, we snapped a picture of it! :)

You are ALWAYS mad when something happens, but the pictures later are worth a million words!

Sorry that happened to you!!!! But, it WILL be funny later on!!!

...and one more "comment" from me to you--YES, WHY DID TIM PUT THE FLOUR WHERE CAROLINE COULD GET IT????

I don't understand men sometimes!

Anonymous said...

You will see in most cases that a man is a man and will never change! What you might do wrong is not right with him. But what he does wrong is never wrong. There are a few men this does not apply to! You will find more and more of this type of things as you grow old together! Stay calm and good luck!

Sheri said...

That is a riot!!! I really want to see the pic of this. Thanks for the laugh :o)

Emilio and Alissa said...

ouch!! poor Tim. I do not know if that could ever be fully cleaned up> How did you do it.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am so glad to meet other mommy bloggers and get a feel for their everyday struggles and sucesses!

That story is hilarious! It is a good one to share when she gets older!

So far, my budget has worked, but then again we are only in the first week! I will be checking back to see all of your deals! Thanks again for stopping by!

Chelsea said...

ROTFL.....too funny!
Kids make life interesting!!