Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girl's Night Publix???

So the Sundown Vitamins Coupons were expiring on the 28th and unfortunately I still had tons left. :( In order to use them, it was time to get serious! My friend Tutti (who now Tim has nicknamed us Batman and Robin) and I headed to the city to do some major couponing. We went to 4 Publix stores and 1 Whole Foods! I don't have a picture because it was LATE when I got home (their stores don't close until 11) and I had a tennis tourney this morning. I was simply too tired to arrange the items and then take a picture and THEN put up the items, so you'll have to just be inspired by the totals....

Total Saved: $322.91

Total OOP: $19.64

Yes, my total OOP, seems slightly high compared to some of my other trips, but I NEVER went into the negatives. I usually get my total into the negatives and then with manager intervention, I pay next to nothing. However, I decided to fly under the radar this time so I would have successful trips. IT makes a HUGE difference! It just takes a lot of the stress out of the situation.

Now, what did I buy? Here's a small york strips, london broil, filet mignon, lunch meat, bread, produce, vitamins, mailers/envelopes, water, rotisserie chicken, fresh flowers (awesome!!!), bread machine flour, organic cookies, cereal, crackers, stamps, etc....

I am very pleased with my trip and I had a great time! Tim was joking with me by saying, "Wow! It's girl's night're going to PUBLIX?? Seriously?????"

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Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

what the heck? I let my coupons expire for the vitamins, even though I knew I had them and knew they were expiring and NEED some Omega 3 for one of my kids and $6 off would have made the free... and still, I have no idea how you get this down so cheap..... GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!