Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party at School

Caroline had her first Christmas party at school on Friday. It was super sweet! Unfortunately, there was a horrible stomach virus floating around, so half of the students were absent. On the upside, she is the only student that hasn't gotten sick from it, YET. It's a doozy, so say some prayers that we don't get it.

They had chick-fil-a nuggets, veggie tray, chips/dips, and fruit. After, they ate Rudolph cupcakes, Snowman Sticks, and cookies. It was also a special treat because Caroline never gets straight juice, so you can tell from the pictures that she really enjoyed it!

I'll take pictures of the adorable crafts that she made for us later. We are super blessed to have an awesome teacher. Let's just say that she was super busy with the children making LOTS of ornaments and presents for us.

Miss Jessica opening up her gift card from the parents. She began sobbing!

Caroline is loving her Snowman Sticks that I made for the class!
All the kids enjoyed the Snowman Sticks!
Just a side note...if you are going to make the Snowman Sticks, I would brush up on my "how to melt chocolate in a double boiler" methods. I had never melted chocolate as an adult and did NOT realize how difficult it was! My new phrase for melting chocolate is "slow and steady wins the race"! They were super adorable, very time consuming, but a HUGE hit!
And yes, my mom made her adorable outfit and I made her hairbows. :)

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Leah and Maya said...

those snowman sticks look like alot of work, but very cute! Maya would be right there with Caroline, Maya either gets milk or water, no watered down juice etc, she would have been sucking the life out of the juice box too! yes cute cute cute outfit. I really wish I liked to sew.