Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Polar Express...Blue Ridge Style

On Christmas Eve, we (Nana, Papa, Tim, Caroline and I) headed towards the Blue Ridge Mountains to catch the Santa Train. Caroline was SO excited! She is obsessed with the Polar Express, so the thought of riding on a real train was almost too much for her to bear! She literally woke up every hour the night before asking if it was time to ride the choo choo! Adorable, right? Absolutely, but NOT in the middle of the night! ;)

On the way there, she was getting very anxious and kept asking if we were at the choo choo. When we finally arrived, we had plenty of time to grab a snack, but she wouldn't stand for it! She was pulling our hands and kept saying "My choo choo....NOW!" So we boarded early and hung out.

The actual train wasn't quite what I had expected and I was a bit disappointed in the theatrics, but Caroline loved it and that was all that mattered! Santa came around to each car and greeted each child. She sat on his lap, told him what she wanted for Christmas, and he gave her the special bell! It was super sweet. She pretended to see her ticket flying out the window and magically reappearing. She then claims to have seen lots of elves walking in the woods as we came closer to the North Pole. :) We sang Christmas carols, drank hot chocolate, ate cookies and popcorn, and met some of Santa's special friends. We met Rudolph, the Gingerbread Man, and Frosty the Snowman. When we got back to the car, she immediately crashed! We had a great time!

**My pictures are out of order!!**
Posing in front of the Engine

The conductor of the train checking tickets
Caroline said, "My ticket!" She was pretending her ticket flew out the train like in the movie!
Napping? I think not!
Posing for a photo with the Gingerbread Man
Enjoying her candy canes

Caroline screamed out "Elves!!" while looking out the window
Ringing her special bell from Santa
Sorry for the blurriness...not sure what happened. Posing with Nana and Papa.
Taking a picture with one of the Elves
The big moment arrived...meeting Santa on the train!
Listening to a story about the Santa Train

On deck with Mrs. Claus for a picture

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