Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still here? A long updated post

Are you still here? We're still here! ;) It has been pretty crazy around our house for quite some time. I've been on a major hunt for a new computer and a new camera. My camera software is still missing in action (boo hoo) and every laptop that I want seems to be sold out (sob, sniff, sniff). I am having to share Tim's computer, but since it is his, I can't expect him to jump off of it when I want to blog! ;) But enough about our woes, let's talk about what we've been actually doing!

On the decorating front, I have managed to put up four Christmas trees (each with their own theme), hang garland on the cutouts in the dining room and the kitchen, make a wreath for the front door and hang the garland on the perimeter of the front door. We have been busy making last minute present purchases, visited with Santa, attended Caroline's first Christmas school musical and made lots of crafts. Now, if I could find a magical elf to come and wrap presents, I'll be in business! LOL!

Do you want a Caroline update? Before Thanksgiving, Caroline decided to jump out of her crib. I knew the time was coming, but really was hoping for another six months or so. My sister (and her family) and my parents bought Caroline a lifetime crib, so I just needed to buy the rails to convert it to the next stage. Unfortunately, very quickly I realized that her crib was one of the jardine recalled cribs. YIKES! So, Tim and I went on a mad search to find her a new bed. Jardine will be reimbursing us for a new crib once we send in the screws and labels. Yep, you read it right, a NEW CRIB! How funny is that? So, we will be getting a voucher for a new crib that will never be used. If you know anyone that is interested in purchasing this voucher at a discounted price, have them email me. You can take this voucher to Babies R Us and get you a brand new crib!!! Hint...hint...hint!

In the meantime, we took out the mattress and Caroline just slept on the mattress on the floor. It was amazing! She never got up and never cried! BUT...the good times must come to an end. After we returned from my mom's house, she has not enjoyed sleeping in her room. We even bought her an adorable white toddler bed (to use temporarily until her big girl room transition). She was so excited about her new bed until it was bedtime. Now, each night, we are met with tears and sobs. She wants to sleep with us. She starts out in her room and then ends up crying so hard, we walk in there or she gets up and comes to us. But, we fight the easy urge of putting her in our bed and make her sleep in her room. Needless to say, we are three sleepy people in the mornings...

How is couponing going? It actually has been put on the backburner for now. I am still couponing, but not to the extreme I was. I honestly have been so busy that I still have piles of newspapers to sort through and organize. I haven't used a single coupon in about a month! Yikes! But thanks to all my hardwork of stockpiling, I have only had to buy fresh produce, dairy and a few odds and ends. So, my grocery bills aren't setting record lows, but I'm not having to spend lots of money either. The crazy thing is that I haven't even looked at a grocery ad in about a month! CRAZY, right?

I have started a new exercise program. It's actually a running program for beginners. I play lots of tennis, but as far as running, I have never been a runner. This is an easy program to follow and so far, I've been able to keep up with it. Granted, I'm only on day 4! But, it's a start! It says that by the end of 8 weeks, you will be able to run two miles without stopping. But, being the competitive person I am (you didn't know that right??), I have stepped it up a few notches and by the end of the 8 weeks, I will be able to run at least three miles without stopping. I even plan on running in a race in the spring.

So, I guess that's an update on what we've been doing. Sorry I can't post the awesome pics that we have. Just stay tuned and hopefully I'll surprise you with some pics soon. :)


Leah and Maya said...

sounds busy busy busy. I am withyou on the crib, we have the storkcraft crib, so last year it was the brackets that I could never get them to send me without involving the better business bureau and now its recalled again for the drop down rail, whihc we aren't using since we are using it as a bed but still I want the replacement parts. Hope you get a new computer soon!

LB said...

hey, what program are you doing for running? And what is the date of the race? I want to run a race after John is born to keep me on track with exercise, but yours may be too soon after the birth. If not, we could do it together.