Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!! Santa Claus came to town!

Me: "Merry Christmas, Caroline!" I said as I walked into her bedroom.
Caroline: "Huh? Oh, Merry Christmas!" popping up from the covers
Me: "Guess who came to see you last night?"
Caroline: "SANTA!!!" she yelled as she jumped out of the bed and started running to the hall!

Santa left some goodies for Caroline this morning!
Caroline looking over at her new pink cars.
Smiling over her Lemon Merinque doll to go with her new pink car
Noticing that Santa ate her cookies she made for him last night and drank the milk

Pez Snowman stocking stuffer
Strawberry Shortcake Monogrammed Sippy Cup
Ecstatic over her new purple car!
Digging in her stocking....what else???
Look Mommy! I got a sucker!
Playing with her pink Strawberry Shortcake car
Checking out her new table and chairs with her babies
Trying on her new lipgloss
Aren't I beautiful with my new lipgloss? :)
Caroline insisted that I take a picture of her new pink baby with naked baby in her new pink Caroline chair!
Loving that she is able to eat a sucker for breakfast!
Posing with her pink baby in her pink chair


grace said...

what a beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing your pictures

Greta Jo said...

Wow, Santa was good to Caroline. :)
Caroline is a cutie.
Happy New Year!

Natasha said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! The pictures of Caroline are adorable!