Sunday, April 4, 2010

Caroline's Egg Hunt at School

I'm apologizing in advance for the pictures being so out of order!
On Wednesday, March 31, Caroline had her egg hunt and spring pictures at her school. But, I was that Mom...the one who wouldn't let her hunt in her dress because they hadn't had their class picture yet! LOL! So, I changed her clothes for the hunt and then changed back into the dress for the picture. They were so cute hunting their eggs! They would pass up the eggs right beside them and run towards the one egg across the playground!
Hugging her eggs after the hunt!
These two little boys were fighting over who was going to give Caroline one of her eggs that fell out of her basket! How sweet!
Looking for eggs in the tree
Dividing up the eggs after the hunt
These are the two boys that are 'in love' with Caroline!

Proud of her eggs!
Sweet Angel!
This is one of Caroline's besties from school!
Such cuties!


Debbie (NDM #129) said...

It is so funny how at such a young age, preschoolers are always "in love."

I have a 5YO in my class who changes her "flavor of the day" every week.

One week, she is going to marry Liam; the next week, she is going to marry Griffen.

Her Mom just rolls her eyes and laughs when we tell her the things we here.

Such a cute time in their little lives. :)

Leah and Maya said...

looks like fun, and I can so be "that mom" sometimes too! why did I just clip flowers into Maya's hair? by the time we took a pictures allt he craziness with her cousins they were gone! oh well.