Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Local Egg Hunt...it was a bit weird!

I took Caroline to a local egg hunt on Saturday morning. We have never been to an 'official egg hunt', so I didn't know what to expect. I had always pictured my daughter hunting for eggs in her beautiful smocked dress, big hairbow, pink basket, and mary jane shoes. Can you tell I'm from the south? So this morning, my heart skipped a beat (or two or three) when Caroline picked out her clothes! My dream was coming true! She chose the following outfit: pink mary janes, frilly socks, smocked dress, and her big pink/green hairbow! I suppose in my dream, all the children would be dressed in their smocked dresses and jon jons with long white socks. Perhaps, a lamb or some bunnies would be available for photo ops and LOTS of eggs in wonderful green grass...wake me up now...because that is NOT what we experienced today!

As we got out of the car, I knew something was a bit off. Definitely no lambs or bunnies and no green grass! It was almost something out of a nightmare. Children were piling out of cars (who knows how they all got in there...), NO smocked dresses, plastic bags replaced baskets, and I'm not even going to talk about the parents...

When it was time to begin (thirty minutes late), I quickly took Caroline over to the empty area so we wouldn't be tainted by the weirdness...But alas, it was there too. I was totally amazed at how these parents were scooping up eggs and throwing them in the bags while they were running over little children. Seriously? YES! What was UP WITH THAT??? Even Caroline was just staring at them!

But onto my cute princess...Caroline was so cute today! She only wanted to pick up one of each color egg. She was also very bothered if an egg was open. I had to help her close it before she would put it in her basket! How funny! She HATED the cotton candy, didn't want the popcorn, and requested water (much to the lady's dismay...claiming that the juice boxes were for the kids. Hated to tell her that Caroline didn't have a clue what a juice box was!). She enjoyed the spoon egg race (her egg was purple and her competition was me!), so of course, she won!

All in all, we had a great morning. But, I will be traveling next year to the Northside so we won't stand out with our smocked dress and perhaps we will get a lamb/bunny photo op!
Waiting very patiently for the hunt to begin
So excited to see the pink eggs!

I had to help her close this egg before she could put it in her basket!
Posing for a pictureTrying cotton candy for the first time...
DISGUSTING!!! (That's my girl!!!)

Eating a piece of candy

Sweet girl!

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Leah and Maya said...

well we haven't been to one yet but I will guess living out int he sticks it might be about the same. Scary! maybe not. Maya learned juice box at a birthday party, and she will take the empty one home just to have, but yes we don't get that kind of stuff here either. She is a freak though for sugar just like me, not that she gets much, but she would have been all over that cotton candy giving a chance!