Monday, April 5, 2010

Friendly Egg Hunt

One of our best friends (sniff, sniff) is moving next week, so we had a traditional Easter dinner for them on Friday night. We gathered at one of the neighbor's house to have our egg hunt and then eat. Two of us have little girls, who will grow up to be best friends too, named Caroline. ;) They had their own egg hunt since they are little. The girls were so cute hunting for their eggs! They would just run around and pick up the 'pretty' eggs and then talk to each other about the colors! Too cute! Oh, and isn't Caroline's basket adorable? Her Grandmama gave it to her last year!

After the egg hunt we sat down to enjoy shrimp, baked honey ham, deviled eggs, cream corn, green beans, orange salad, and bread. For dessert, we enjoyed chocolate strawberries, raspberry streusel, and bunny cupcakes (for the kids). So YUMMY!

Nothing is better than close friends gathering over a southern meal chatting! Good times! By the way, I know I am posting tons of pictures of egg hunts, but since all of our family lives far away, it's a way of sharing Caroline's life with them. Once again, the video worked! I hope our family and friends love it!

Posing with Mommy after the hunt
Caroline and Caroline...the best of friends!
The girls are getting really tired of the pictures!!
Seriously? Another one??
Caroline Camden gave Caroline the cute bunny wand. She wouldn't put it down!
How sweet! Sharing eggs among friends!

So excited!

Press play for an egg hunt video

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Leah and Maya said...

I am loving your weather or wishing for some of it at least! Love the new header, I will have to change mine again its a bit old.
Such a little cutie always dressed in something her awsome grandma has sewn.